Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patty's Day in Review :)

So last night when I linked up for the fabulous Monday Made-It I said I would try really hard to get back on today to post my pics of everything I talked about.  I'm here!  I did it!  :)
When the kids came in the classroom they found this on their desks,

their bag of Lucky Charms (I bought a big bag of the generic stuff and 1 box of the real stuff and mixed it together so that everyone would have some of the real in their bag) and a 4-leaf clover sticker to wear (in case they didn't wear green or just to be festive).  They were very appreciative about it (which is so nice) and some of them even replied that they were so lucky to have me as a teacher, which was so sweet and a great way to start the morning.
For morning work they had an old St. Patrick Day worksheet of words to unscramble.  Later they had a couple more St. Patrick Day themed papers to do as well.
Our PTO got the Earth Dome again this year.  We've had it in the past, but it's been a few years and it's very cool so after lunch it was our scheduled time to go do that, which they loved.  After learning about the outside, you actually get to go inside too.
That ate up almost 40 minutes of our math time so when we got back we didn't have time for the math game so I had 2 St. Patrick Day themed math papers ready to go as well which filled that time very nicely.  After math the students go off to specials.  While they were in specials I got the little surprises ready.  
The first was the green coin and card.  
Then I had to get the Rainbow Treasure Hunt ready.  
Halloween cauldron doing double-duty.  :)
After I picked up the kiddos and we had our bathroom break, before we entered the room, I told them that there was some St. Patrick's Day fun and surprises waiting for them in the room but I needed them to be good listeners, follow directions, not ask a million questions when they went in the room, but to just sit down and wait for directions.  They were very excited and I got a chorus of how I was the best teacher ever (Thank you Teri from Cupcake for the Teacher for making me "the best teacher ever!"  lol).  They did a really great job with all of that.  They were excited about the "good luck" coins and loved that they could keep them.  lol  Then I explained the directions of the treasure hunt.  I told them that there could be no running or pushing or they would have to sit out.  I also told them that they would have to work all together to figure out the clues and whoever got to the clue first could grab the clue and read it aloud to everyone.  They had a great time with it.  
On the hunt…
The very last clue (before the prize) is to look under your chair.  Well I had taped it to the underneath of my helper of the day's chair.  They all looked on the floor under their chairs.  lol  Then I told them that it was taped to the underneath of a chair.  No one could find it.  I said it IS taped to the underneath of one of the chairs, if you have to, turn your chair upside down.  Then the clue was found, which said where the pot of gold was located, "where your teacher sits."  I had placed it under my desk.  
It took a little bit for them to find it.  I had my chair pushed in.  They were looking all over the top of my desk.  Then some decided to look for it in my comfy chair where I do my read alouds before someone finally found it under my desk and passed out the treats to everyone.  They were very thankful again.  So it was a very nice day and the class had a fun time.  
Tomorrow they learn about the Flat Stanley spring break project and get to start coloring their Stanleys. :)  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Made-It! St. Patrick's Day edition :)

Okay so I can't believe that it's been a couple of months since I was on.  February was VERY hectic for me.  I had my niece's FROZEN birthday which was crazy trying to get ready for (I help with planning and making decorations, and the cake and everything).  Then I had conferences.  Not to mention how it's the shortest month and you have 100th Day and Valentine's Day and Presidents, Black History, and Dental Health Month.  I would have had a TON of made its to share!  Maybe I'll remember and share this week anyway.  lol  I don't know what happened with the rest of January that I didn't post and this month it has been all about assessing and report cards.  Well report cards went home Friday.  So that leaves me with time to actually post Made-Its!  I was reminded that Made It Monday was this week because of good old Facebook.  I forget that it's the 2nd Monday and not the first.  So this weekend was all about getting things ready for St. Patrick's Day for my kiddos.  Now I don't have a lot of pics of these things yet because I'm going to take pics when they are set up in the classroom.
Made-it 1:
I too, made those fabulous, "I'm so Lucky to have you in my class" goodie bags for my students with the lucky charms.  Loved the freebie from A Cupcake for the Teacher as well.
This is her pic.  I thought I'd use it so you could see my other Made-it as well.
Made-It 2:
I also made the "You're the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow" with oreos baggie for my kiddos too.
I'm putting these in my Halloween black cauldron that will magically turn into a pot of "gold" for St. Patty's Day.  This will go along with…
Made-It 3:
Also from the fabulous Cupcake for the Teacher (she's fabulous isn't she??).  We will be doing her classroom Rainbow Treasure Hunt where they will find those fabulous oreo pots of gold.  So those are printed, cut, and ready to go.
Made-It 4:
A Leprechaun will be leaving the kiddos green coins on their desk with this little note:
The coins I've had for a while.  I think I got them from Party City one year.  I had exactly enough left over so I guess I was lucky!!  So these are cut out ready to go and I'm going to put the green coin right in the middle of the clover.  I honestly don't remember where I found this.  I googled "leprechaun note for kids" and found it, so if it belongs to you let me know and I'll link to it!  
Made-It 5:
I also made stickers for my kids to wear because I like them to have something green on in case they don't wear any to school.  I couldn't find any that were a good size or that I liked in the stores so I just made some using this DJ Inkers clipart and 2 x 4 in. labels. 
Made-It 6:
My final Made-it is for my co-workers.  I follow  If you subscribe to the blog you get certain Members Only Freebies.  Well this month's freebies were for "St. Patrick's Day in a Jar" labels.  They had different ideas of filling the jar with rainbow candy or colorful flowers or mini rainbow cupcakes.  I thought of this:
So it's just Smart Pop Kettle corn that I popped and then melted a package of green Candy melts, poured it over the popcorn and mixed it up to coat it.  Then I sprinkled on rainbow colored M&Ms and let it set.  I bought mason jars and some green fabric (already had the ribbon) and printed the labels.  I thought this was definitely St. Paddy's Day in a Jar, green and rainbow.  So my team will be getting this as well.  
Oh!  Made-It 7!!
While I was uploading these I remembered one more Made-It!
Flat Stanley!!!  I had to re-make him again this year because apparently my other one has gone off traveling some where and couldn't be found.  We have Spring Break NEXT week so I had to get him ready so I could show my kiddos what to do with him over spring break.  So he's copied, colored, and laminated again for this year.  
So as you can see it was a very busy Sunday for me.  All this plus laundry (did grading Saturday).  
So I will try VERY hard after school to post the pictures of St. Patrick's Day in the classroom with all of the goodies.  
Have a great day and woohoo for me for getting a blog post done!!!!