Sunday, November 3, 2013

November Currently and Monthly Made-it!

It's November!  How crazy!  October was hectic, as usual!  We'll see how this month goes!
I'm starting off this post with Farley's Currently for November:
Not much to explain for Listening.  I always do these once I'm in bed for the night so it's pretty quiet around here.  
I love my family so much and we are a very close bunch.  I'm one of 5 kids and my 4 siblings all have families and we live around each other and get together all of the time.  I'm very lucky.  So today I went to the circus with my eldest sister and her family and my younger sister and her daughter.  Fun time.  Let me share one of the pics I took:
So fun!
Thinking - So I follow Hip2Save on fb.  If you don't know about it, it's this great "couponing" site.  So the gal who runs it posted about this great Little People toy that amazon had on sale for $22.99.  Then a reader tip was that Target would price match and you could use the $10 off coupon that Hip2Save had posted a few days earlier.  So I went to Target and got a regularly $39.99 toy for $14 with my Red Card!  Woohoo!  I was very excited.  One present down for the holidays.  Couldn't pass up a deal like that!  Then I put away all of my Halloween decorations, printed out a whole bunch of center games for math, and went to my parents.  Then today was the circus, cutting and laminating all of the center games, grading papers, and updating my classroom website.  I got it all done!  Another big Woohoo!  And now I'm blogging!  
Wanting is pretty self-explanatory.  I have a great group but sometimes we can be a little chatty and not pay attention.  
Needing is also pretty self-explanatory.  I'm very happy with what I got done this weekend, but I never feel that accomplished during the week.  I would love to have 1 day every week where we didn't have students and I could get everything done then.  I would take longer school days so I could have that 1 day where I could get stuff done at school without running around like a crazy person.  
No onto the yummy pin.  I pin yummy things all of the time.  I have a dessert board, a cookies board, and holiday boards with yummy things.  This pin is one of the newest so I thought I would put it in:
I mean come on, does that not sound soooo good!  There is nothing in that title that I do not love so I had to pin it!!  
Okay so that is my Currently.  Now onto my Monthly Made-Its!  

So first things first, I pinned this really cute pumpkin sign from The Polka Dot Pavillion that I loved, but did not want to spend $50, so I thought I'll just make it.  So I headed over to Michaels to pick up a wooden pumpkin.  No go.  I found one I liked online, but it was a set of 6, so I said okay, I'll make them for my family too and give it to them at our yearly Trick-or-Treat party.  I had 1 extra left over so I made it for my friend Krista.  Hers is below.  
Now I just made the pumpkin.  She added it to her basket she keeps on her door.  All I did was get 11in. wooden pumpkin cut outs (6 for $19.50), painted them, used my Cameo and vinyl for the lettering, and some tulle for around the stem.  I texted everyone and told them they couldn't ask me why, but polka dots or chevron.  2 picked polka dots the rest were chevron. Painted it orange first and then added the yellow polka dots or chevron stripes.  I was very happy with how it turned out.  On mine I just put Happy Fall Y'all.  Krista jokingly told me she needs one now for every season.  lol  
To go along with the pumpkins, I made these cards:
I followed this video and used my cameo.  Very happy with how it turned out!  I also gave them to my teammates with a purple jar of candy that I cut out Trick-or-Treat in vinyl and added to it (forgot to take a picture of that).
On Friday, October 25 is when my school had their Halloween celebration.  The neighborhood does Trick-or-Treating on Sunday so starting last year we do it the Friday before.  Really love doing that.  This year my teammates and I dressed up as scarecrows.  
It was great because this cost me no money!  My teammate bought the raffia that we used as our straw (I used blue painters tape to tape it on the inside of my clothes and it was not itchy) and I had everything else, just turned it into a scarecrow costume.  Super fun and my kiddos loved it!  The pic above was taken at my parents house for the Trick-or-Treat party.  
Well that same night (Friday the 25th) I had Jodie and Brynn come over to my house for a Halloween themed dinner.  I made mummy dogs (but with sausage because oddly enough my niece doesn't like hot dogs), smiley face fries (thought it was like masks) and Halloween mac and cheese.  I also made witches brew drinks with lime sherbet, ginger ale, and lime concentrate with gummy worms as garnish. My sis got the pics of all of that.  I finished it off by making these stackable surprise cookies:

You just get the tube of sugar cookie dough, slice them into round cookies, bake them and then put one cookie down as your base, for the next cookie, cut a circle out of the middle, put it down, do the same to another cookie, and add a full cookie on top.  Before I put the cookie on top I filled it with Reese's Pieces.  Frosting is the glue holding all of the layers together.  Yummy!  
For my family's party on Sunday I made these:
They were green velvet cupcakes that I made to look like witches by using the cookies that have the hole in the middle and chocolate bottoms.  I just flipped it so the chocolate was on top and added a caramel kiss to the top.  Melted it a bit to stick to the cookie, added frosting and presto.  I thought green would be a nice touch to make them witchy with orange hair.  lol  Big hit.  :)
So those are all of my Made-its I did in October.  Can't wait to get some things done this month too!