Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Made-It and IN Disney!! :)

So when you are reading this I will actually be on my Disney World vacation.  With planning this trip for about a year and a half, it's hard to believe it's actually here!  I love all of the planning of the trip and the anticipation of the trip and then it gets to a few days before the trip and anxiety soars sky high as I make sure everything it packed, I have all of our tickets and things, and my suitcase isn't too heavy!  We're gone for 8 days so that's a lot to pack!  Hopefully it will be smooth sailing while we're there and coming back!
Now onto Monday Made-It with Tara!
So let's start with my final Disney Movie and a Meal.  We watched Pinocchio for the final movie as the girls hadn't seen it and it's been a LONG time since Jodie and I had.  
It was super hard finding any craft ideas to do for this one, so Jodie and I had to wing it.  I must say I think what we did was super fun!
The first activity we did was Pin the Nose on Pinocchio (Jodie's idea).  So I just printed out a Pinocchio picture and then through a photo software I have I was able to copy just the NOSE of that picture so I could make multiples for the girls to use.  It worked out perfectly.  They each got 4 chances to get it right and they had so much fun!

See a couple were pretty close!
Then it was time to eat and watch the movie.  We went with an italian theme so Jodie and I had Paninis and the girls had Spaghettios.  Jodie also made some cheesy baked tomatoes.  
It was very yummy.  Sadly after eating the movie didn't hold any of their attention at all.  I was pretty much the only one watching it.  Jodie said she couldn't blame them as it isn't her favorite either.  
For dessert I used a recipe that was for Lady and the Tramp.  It was cupcakes that looked like spaghetti and meatballs, but I figured it would still go with our Italian theme.  

For the final activity we did paper bag Pinocchio hand puppets.  I had printed out his hat and they used one of the noses from the game.  They thought the puppets were very fun too and after making them went off to play with them.  We called them back to watch the last 5-7 minutes of the movie.  
So that was our final Disney movie.  It was a fun way to countdown to the trip and also a fun thing to do this summer.  Almost like having a little Disney summer fun program twice a week.  I'm happy we did it!  :)
Now onto my school Made-Its.  
For my first one I took a cheap clipboard and modge-podged it with scrapbooking paper and then added ribbon.  I'm going to hang it by the door and use it for the awesome Bathroom Tally sheet from Fluttering Through First Grade (which I found on pinterest).  

My room is right next to the bathroom, which I like because it's easier to keep my eye and ear on it, but since it's right there the kids can abuse it.  You know how it is, they want a break from what we're doing, so they HAVE to go to the bathroom.  I'm hoping this will help with that.  I'm excited to try it.  
My next Made-It are the READ letters.  I wanted to make them last year and never got around to it.  When I was at Wal-Mart the other day, there were the letters so I thought, I'm going to do it!  
First I painted the sides with some green paint I had and then I just took scrapbooking paper that I only had 1 sheet of and there you are!  I'm going to put it on my window sill that's in my reading corner.  I was a little nervous to modge-podge everything because I know people have had horror stories with is bubbling and wrinkling, but luckily I had no problem.  
My final Made-It is 4th Grade Frolics awesome Facebook Fan Freebie Understanding Rubric that she posted for a Monday Made-It.  
I LOVED the idea of this and am so thankful to Tara for sharing it with us.  I added my green with brown polka dots ribbon that I used on everything and it's ready to hang up in my room.  
Besides getting ready for Disney, I was also trying to do everything I could to get stuff ready for school since I won't be working on anything while on vacation.  So I have a lot of other things ready to go and be made when I get back.  Now technically us teachers weren't supposed to start setting up our rooms until this week, but since I won't be able to, I snuck in early on Friday.  Jodie, Brynn, and Jaslene came with to help me.  We brought all of my stuff I lugged home for the summer back to get it out of my house.  Then they were a huge help as they helped me take everything down from the tops of my cabinets and put my plastic shelves back together, in place, and with the baskets on it.  Jodie always kindly organizes my desk for me before the start of the year so she did that for me too.  Oh!  Which reminds me!  I also did the little table top steralite drawers to organize the crayons by color.  I forgot to take a picture of that and mention it above.  The girls sorted the crayons for me.  I thought it would be good when the kids' desks have eaten their blue crayon and they need it for something, they can just go get one from the blue crayon drawer instead of digging through my mixed up crayon drawer.  We were only at school for 2 hours but it looked like my classroom again by the time we had left.  Once I come back the only things I'll have to work on now are some bulletin boards, personalization of my new class, and better organization of some things.  If I wouldn't have had their help it would have taken me 2 to 3 times as long.  I'm so thankful!  The other good thing was that because I was the only one there, they weren't other teachers to talk to to distract me!  Usually I spend the first 2 days setting up my classroom gabbing with the other teachers about our summers and I don't get as much done!  
So that's it for this week!  I won't have any Made-Its for next week except Disney memories, but I'll probably post a little about my trip if you're interested.  Have a wonderful week everyone!  :)


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