Monday, July 15, 2013

More Disney Monday Made-Its! :)

So I was so excited.  After looking at last week's Made-Its, I finally started working on some stuff for school!  I was like, Woohoo!!  I'm actually going to have a school Made-It to show you all.  Well some yucky family stuff went on at the end of the week and I didn't get them finished.  That just means that I will have them for you NEXT week!
So let's get started!
So Tuesday we had our Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs lunch at my house.  We went for a miniature foods theme (for the dwarfs, as we weren't going to make German food).  So I made little smokies in crescent rolls, pretzel bites, and miniature fresh veggie cups.  My sister made apple dumplings.  

Before the movie we had the girls make rock candy.  I thought it would go along with the dwarfs and their mining and the jewels they dig for.  It was a great concept and the girls had fun with it, but almost a week later and it's an epic fail.  lol  No candy forming at all.  Oh well.  We tried!  lol  
After lunch, my sister had come up with a magic mirror craft for the girls to do.  She wrapped cardboard ovals with aluminum foil and then the girls picked paper to glue them on to, cut around them, and decorated them.  
So it was a success and another movie down in our countdown.  
When we started planning our trip we were shown the DIS boards and a friend of my sister recommended the creative DISigners they have on there.  She recommended one named Mandy.  The DISigners will customize anything Disney you want, all for free.  She will design and post it and then you save it to your computer and print it out how you want.  Mandy made and customized invitations for my niece Brynn for our hotel and the restaurants we have character dining reservations for.  She also customized things for t-shirts we wanted to make, and Tinker Bell cards for the gifts that Tinker Bell will leave for Brynn for good behavior and sleeping habits at Disney.  So awesome!  It's amazing and really does spread the pixie dust and Disney Magic.  I was able to work on the DISigns for my shirts.  Just printed them out on t-shirt transfers cut them out, and ironed them on.  Here they are:
The Disney Princesses dressed as the villain from their movie.  Loved the idea!  I just had her put it in the word "Disney."  
Mickey word and image.  
This is actually the back of this tank.  On the front, in the lapel area, is a small Cinderella picture and my name.  
We have all tank tops since it's going to be so warm.  Didn't they turn out great?  And she'll customize them however you want!  I have others to do print out for Brynn and my sister.  So fun!  
I also found on the DIS boards about how people decorate their windows at Disney and found another creative DISigner, Lady B, through there that does the same type of things, but obviously she has different DISigns.  We had her customize some Mickey heads to display in our window.  
You can kind of see them laying there on my couch.  So I cut some ribbon to longer than what the window height is from what I read online.  They will be tied to suction cups and hung on the window to decorate it and make it easier to find our room.  So the one ready to go is Brynn's.  She requested Pocahontas so it has her picture in the middle and on one ear it says Brynn and the other says 2013.  Then I used my cameo to cut out the mickey heads and flowers.  I have a Cinderella head.  Jodie has a Tinker Bell head.  I just changed the colors of the flowers for each one.  The Pinocchio one is going to my sister's father-in-law.  I cut out stars instead of flowers for him.  Then there is a Mickey head that says Our 1st Disney Trip in the middle and the outline of the head is our trip details.  I made some silhouettes of Little Mermaid characters to go on the ribbon with that one since we'll be staying in the Little Mermaid rooms.  I also want to bring a strand of white Christmas lights to string up making it easier to find in the dark.  We're excited to do this and I know Brynn will love it too when she sees it.  :)
So Thursday was supposed to be our Aladdin dinner night.  We were going to have grilled chicken kabobs, cous-cous, and this jeweled jello cake (for the Cave of Wonders).  Well that's when the yucky family stuff went down and my sister and niece ended up coming over to my house.  There was no time to make the dinner and we didn't feel like eating it anyway.  Brynn and I still watched the movie as a distraction and also made Abu hats using red cups and construction paper.  
Gotta love how resilient kids are.  Smiling when it was not a smiley night. Such a pretty model.  :)
We did eat the dessert too, which was basically just 4 different colors of jello made and broken up into pieces (to look kind of like jewels) and then poured into a cake pan with clear jello poured on top to set it.  Then you frost it with cool whip.  They slept over at my house so the next day we did the coloring sheet and made felt magic carpets.  
 Decorating hers.  

The final product to show.  
Because of all of the craziness I did not make a menu and I didn't feel the need to make one afterwards because we didn't do it as normal anyway.  
Now things are settling down again.  We saw Monsters University Sunday afternoon.  Cute.  Loved seeing little Mike Wazowski.  We should hopefully get our 2 movie meals done as usual this week and I should get my school things done.  Hopefully I'll finish up the iron-ons for the others shirts as well.  
Hope all is well with everyone else.  Can't wait to get inspired!  :)



As usual, everything is adorable! I'm sorry to hear you had yucky things going on this week.
Short and Sassy Teacher

Cathy :)

Thanks! :)

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