Monday, July 1, 2013

More Disney Fun with Monday Made-It!

So here we are again for another fun Monday Made-it!

Again, mine is Disney themed as we're doing 2 movies/meals/activities a week as part of a countdown to our trip so I have Disney on the brain!!
So Tuesday we did a Sleeping Beauty lunch.  Brynn had never seen it because she was frightened of Malificent so we thought we better do this one for lunch instead of dinner, which is closer to bedtime.
We wore pajamas (SLEEPING beauty) and the girls (Brynn & Jaslene) watched the movie in sleeping bags on the floor.  My sister dyed mac and cheese pink with a dab of food coloring to go with the dress.  Then we had grapes and berries with it and I made cupcakes.  
I called them Briar Rose, since that's her name at the beginning. I went with a pink and blue theme since Flora and Merriweather keep switching everything between pink and blue.  The cupcake itself was pink, but I baked a blue cake ball in the middle as a surprise.  Then I lined my piping bag with the blue dye and filled it with pink frosting and piped the roses on top.  I was happy with how they turned out.  
The girls made Princess Aurora crowns while waiting for lunch, which was just made out of yellow card stock and gem stickers.  
My niece liked a lot of bling on hers.  lol  
We did another coloring sheet between courses and then after we finished eating we made pom pom birds to go with the birds that are in the forest.  
Brynn ended up not being scared at all, watched the whole movie, and enjoyed it.  Since Tuesday, she has watched it a few more times.  So I was happy about that.  :)  
Thursday we did Little Mermaid, which was Brynn's request.  
Jodie made dinner and I made dessert, as usual.  My dessert was this Sand-Dollar cookie recipe that I found that I thought would be good for an under the sea type theme.  They ended up being more like mini-blueberry pies, but they were still tasty. 
I used whole wheat flour instead of regular to make it look more sandish, but it also looked more pieish.  lol  
We came up with a treasure hunt for the girls to do together.  It was like they were Ariel finding all of these human "treasures."  We picked things that were in her trove and I found images online to go with.  I made a check-off sheet for them to use and printed out all of the images, cut them out, and Jodie hid them.  
The girls had a lot of fun with this and loved when they got to mark something off.  They also did a good job working together, which is something they both need to work on since they are each only children.  
We did another coloring sheet and at the end of the movie Brynn made a paper plate fish (Josie had been picked up by then).  We also watched Little Mermaid III which is actually a prequel to the original.  None of us had seen it.  We've all seen and own the 2nd one, but not the 3rd one, so that was a nice bonus and it was cute.  
Then Saturday I started making our shirts for Disney.  They are based on the idea from here.  We had bought fabric a few week ago and got the tank tops last week.  We're going in August so it's going to be HOT, so we opted for tanks over t-shirts.  I washed them and they are ready to go.  I used my cameo and the fabric interfacing and it worked great!  
Doesn't the cameo do such a nice clean line cutting out the fabric?  I was happy.  I then hand-stitched around it, and then added the ribbon and button.  This one is Brynn's.  It's the only one I have completely finished.  I have our heads cut out and ironed on, but not finished.  Brynn's is purple to go with the Minnie ears headband she has.  It's outlined in purple thread and then the bow.  Jodie's will be pink to go with her headband and mine will be red.  Brynn is very excited to match us.  
I also got this one done which was based on this.  
Again it was made using fabric that Brynn picked out (purple and sparkles, her fave), the fabric interfacing, and my cameo.  Cut out and ironed on.  Jodie said if I have time she'd like me to sew around it too, but they are very well stuck on there.  I used the interfacing that you can't use with a sewing machine because it's so thick and sticky, but she wants to make sure after multiple washings.  I thought this turned out very cute as well!  
Well now I have to work on the Cars menu as we are doing that for dinner.  Usually we have been doing Tuesday lunch, Thursday dinner but this week I have a meeting at school on Tuesday and Thursday is the 4th so we're doing Monday dinner and Wednesday lunch.  At least for dinner it's store bought dessert this week!  lol  
Can't wait to see what everyone else has been up to!  Talk to you next week!  :)  



Wow!! How fun is this countdown? This will definitely be a memorable summer for those girls!

Primarily Speaking

Erin K

I am just loving your special little countdown for those girls! How cute!!! Have you seen floating on Pinterest the Disney princess themed play clothes some people are making? They seem right up your ally Thanks again for sharing!
Short and Sassy Teacher


Found you through the Made It Monday linky...all of your Disney projects are adorable! You are certainly making lots of memories with your kiddos. So cute! :) Lattes and Laughter


We just got back from Disney and I wish I had found your blog earlier!!! Such cute ideas!!!! I will for sure be doing this when we go back. Also, I just bought a Cameo and can't wait to try out some fabric. Where did you find the Mickey Mouse image for the tank tops?


Hey There! I love your blog and nominated it for an award. Check out my page for details!
Short and Sassy Teacher

Cathy :)

Thank you all for your kind words! :) We are all having a fun time with the countdown. It's a fun way to pass the time before we go and it brushes us all up on movies that will be interacting with in some way when we go down!
Rebecca I just googled images a Mickey Mouse head, saved the image to my desktop, inserted it into the software and used the trace option to make it a di-cut. Hope that helps! :)

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