Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Made-It and 1 week until Disney!!!!

I can't believe how fast time is flying by!  What am I talking about?  Of course I can!  Time off always zooms by faster!  Well here we are and I'm 1 week away from my Disney vacation (which I have been planning for like a year and a half.  What will I do now? lol) and on to the next Monday Made-It!
So with Disney being a week away that also means school is right around the corner so I have been trying to work more on that as well since I will be losing a week for a super fun vacation.  Once I get back I will start setting up my room (we're not allowed to start setting up our classrooms until Aug.).  I will have a week to do that because then the 19th starts teacher institute and then the 21st is the first day with kids.  I should be able to get everything done on time as since we don't have summer school or anything in our school I don't have to take everything down.  They tell us to, but it's just for cleaning purposes.  I clear or move anything where I want them to clean, and I leave up my bulletin boards and stuff.  This time I even left their baskets in their cubbies (I was trying to save myself time for when I came back).  Now enough of my yacking, onto last week!
Last Monday I got together with my team again to do some more grade level ordering to try to get some fabulous things from tpt to help us with common core, so that was fun and then I worked on school stuff.  I make kind of like my own version of a scope and sequence of our year that deals with reading, writing, science, & ss to give us a heads up of when to teach things.  I can't share that because it's on a very old print shop which is not on this computer.  
Tuesday was another Disney movie day.  This time it was Dumbo at my house for lunch, which none of the girls had ever seen before.  Now I don't know if you have noticed this yourself or not, but I have always found that kids sit and are so enthralled when it's a movie they haven't seen before.  It's the ones they have seen before that they don't always pay the best attention to (they've seen it a million times).  This held true again.  

We went with a circus theme for the food with this one as you can see from the menu.  Now the movie is one of the shorter ones.  Only 63 minutes.  I got to watch maybe 10 minutes of it with preparing the food for the girls and making the funnel cakes.  So I watched it myself later so I could be refreshed on it as I have not seen it in a long time.  Thank goodness for Netflix because we don't own that one.  
For their first craft the girls made Dumbo hats from the Disney Family Fun site.  
By the time it was time to do the coloring sheet, the movie was over, so I put in Lion King.  We weren't having that one as part of the countdown as there wasn't that much time and Brynn has seen it a ton of times, so I thought I'd just put it on to have it to watch while finishing all of our Dumbo activities.  Then the girls made paper plate Dumbo heads (my sister's idea) and they were so excited about them.  
We even put feathers for the trunks to hold.  I just drew out the ears and trunks on copy paper and the girls cut them out.  
I was watching Josie on Tuesday so she helped me work on some school stuff (while I watched Lion King 1 1/2.  Super cute movie!).  

I made these Class Jobs cards last year, but decided to change how I am going to use them so I hot glued them to ribbon and will be using green clothespins to change the jobs up every month.  
I got the lanyard at Dollar Tree and printed out 2 of these fabulous Ask Me!! tags, which you can download for free from here.  I thought 2 would be good to use around the classroom as extra support when I'm busy.  
We also made the silly straw Birthday Balloons that I made last year too with straws which I got from Dollar Tree.  So that was more things out of my To Get Ready folder on my computer.  
Wednesday I finished up our Disney shirts and dresses (one of Brynn's Grandmas made 2 sundresses which I had to iron on transfers too).  
These are the backs of the shirts.  This again was from that wonderful DISigner, Mandy.  We asked her to make these and I just printed them and ironed them on.  We thought they'd be cute to wear to Magic Kingdom when we go.  
Everything on the Disney to-do list is now done!  I think.  I'm pretty positive.  I have even packed everything I can pack so far.  Trying to be ready and not forget anything!  
Thursday was Finding Nemo movie night.  I went over earlier because my sister and I were making a present for my parents' anniversary, which is today!  I am 1 of 5 children (I'm number 4, Jodie is number 5).  All of my siblings have children.  We also all live within 30 - 45 minutes of each other so we're always getting together to celebrate something or someone so we made a birthday board for them.  
I used my cameo to cut out the letters and Jodie put them on (Shout out to Rowdy in Room 300 for her awesome Rowdy Swirl that I used for the black letters!!!).  Then I used white plastic tags and wrote the names, birthdays, and years everyone was born and hung them up month.  As you can see April is quite busy.  My dad and my 2 older sisters are in that month, along with of my brother-in-laws.  I color coded by family so my parents are one color, my eldest sister's family is another color, and so on.  I was very happy with how it turned out.  We celebrated on Saturday with dinner at their house and they loved it too!  I was going to make one for my class birthdays, but with the time it took (2 1/2 to 3hrs), I'm just going to print out posters like usual.  That will be much faster!  Maybe next summer...
Then we started our movie night.  
Jodie decided to make fish sticks for dinner and she made the coucous that we didn't end up eating for Aladdin.  Brynn said it looked like fish food, so we went with it.  lol  I made the Chocolate Wave Cake from the Coral Reef restaurant we will be going to.  
This time the craft was paper plate jelly fish to go with Marlin and Dory's adventure.  
For our 2nd activity, we played Go Fish!  
Friday I worked on more school stuff and got the following done:
Instead of Clock buddies I thought it would be fun to do what I called, iPartners.  My idea was based on the cell pals from here.  I had pinned the idea last summer and didn't get around to doing it and really wanted to do it for this year.  So I went back to it.  She even now has the printable on tpt that you can download for $1.50.  I just thought instead of making a flip cell phone, I'd do iPhones.  So I found an iPhone clipart on google images and inserted a text box to make the contacts (font is Rowdy Writing, which I LOVE).  I figured the student could cut it out glue it on their choice of colored paper to be like the iPhone case, and then glue the little tag I made that says iPartners on the back.  Then they could fill it in the same was as clock buddies.  We'll see how it goes.  
Then I used Christina Bainbridge's Bucket Filler Jar download to create one that would match my classroom using a popcorn/toffee jar that my mom gave me a while ago (being a teacher, she figured I would find a use for it).  This is really something I want to incorporate more of this year, so I loved the idea when the original RAK jar idea showed up on Monday Made-It and then again when Christina did it.  So thanks girls!!!  
Saturday I watched Josie again and we made a peach/raspberry pie to bring to my parents for dinner for their anniversary celebration.  They are married 46 years today!  
We used my mini heart cookie cutter to vent the pie.



wow, I am excited for your Disney trip too!
Those shirts are fabulous!!!

Great "made its"

Hodges Herald

Third Grade Galore

I love all the activities you are doing leading up to your big vacation! Have Fun!! The birthday chart is really cute. I'm trying to figure out how to make something similar for the classroom. Thanks for sharing.

Third Grade Galore

Lisa Lewis

Oh My Word! I am in awe. I loved this post!I hope you have a great time on vacation=)
Lisa L.
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