Monday, July 8, 2013

A busy start to July!

Well I'm back again for Monday Made-it!  I may not be getting anything done for school yet (although I have ideas, thanks to you guys), but at least I'm blogging once a week!  lol
We'll start off with last Monday.  So with it being a busy week, we had our Disney Dinner Meal on Monday evening.  We had a Cars night.  Brynn had never seen the movie and really had no desire to as in her words, "It's a boy movie."  Now my sister and I already knew she felt this way so we kept playing up Sally in the movie.  lol  
We started with a game that was kind of like Bozo Buckets.  We put out 3 baskets and put a green circle, yellow circle, and red circle to make traffic light.  Then the girls had to throw bean bags in to each one.  It was quick with only 3 baskets, but still fun.  Then we got onto dinner and the movie.  My sister made individual meat loafs and used toothpicks to put carrots as the wheels so that they looked like cars.  We went for Route 66 diner food.  We then used the ideas of buying mini chocolate donuts to making Luigi's Leaning Tower of Tires and hot fudge sundaes for Mater's oil.  I then made Cozy Cone Motels out of orange paper for the girls to decorate and bought mini Cars matchbox cars to go into them to play with, which they loved.  
Brynn liked the movie, but it didn't hold her attention like the other movies usually do.  She was more antsy, but she did like Sally and Mater.  
Then Tuesday I went into school to meet with the rest of my team to work on common core planning for the fall.  We shared some stuff and seem to be good for first trimester at least.  We won't really know until we begin...
Wednesday we did an Alice in Wonderland lunch.  We did NOT do a tea party as the girls do not like tea (since we had them try some fruity iced tea during Beauty and the Beast).  We just went with the theme of the "Eat Me" "Drink Me" that Alice experiences.  
We started out with a game that you can print out from the Disney Go site.  You had to collect all of these treasures around Wonderland and end up with the Alice card, but NOT the Queen of Hearts card.  It was cute and easy for the girls to understand.  
Then we watched the movie and ate lunch.  I had made fun shaped pb&j sandwiches, Jodie made a fruit tray, we had juice boxes, and I made sugar cookies.  
It was good.  The girls were a little bit antsy during this movie too, but they had seen it before.  After eating the girls made construction paper flowers with faces on them to match the ones from the movie (no pics of that, sorry!).  
After lunch I hung out and Jodie and I made these Disney princess ribbons we had pinned ages ago that we wanted to make for Brynn to wear at Disney.  The directions given are for Cinderella, but we used them for Belle too, just changing up the colors.  For Ariel we used the directions for the head and part of the hair and body, but we winged the rest.  lol  
Here are ours.  We were happy with how they turned out.  We'll put a barrette through them or a headband.  Or even a safety pin to wear as a pin.  

So that was another thing checked off of our Disney to-do list!  We also got everything finalized and confirmed with the reservations.  Now just a warning on those ribbons, Cinderella took a long time to figure out how to get everything to work nicely, the other 2 went much quicker.  Small fingers help.  lol  
Then Thursday was the normal 4th of July cookout at my parents.  I made the dessert as usual.  
I called it a cheater pie, cause it's refrigerated pie crust and pie filling.  You can find the recipe here.  
Then Friday I finished up the Minnie Mouse head tank tops for my sister and myself.  I actually finished hers on Monday before I went over for dinner and I finished mine on Friday before my dinner plans.  

Hers is pink and mine is red to match the bows.  Red is my favorite color and it really feels Minnieish with the red and polka dots to me.  Happy with how it turned out.  Now this week I will work on the iron-on transfers.  
Saturday I spent the day working on the cupcakes for my niece Josie's birthday party.  I did cupcakes because we were having her party at a zoo and I thought that would be easier than a cake.  She was having a Barbie theme so I made Barbie cupcake liners and decorations using my cameo and scrapbooking supplies and I bought a mini Barbie dollar topper from amazon to use to make her cupcake more special.  

She requested strawberry cake with chocolate marshmallow frosting.  I just use boxed mixes and the frosting was the new Duncan Hines flavors you can mix in.  Ran out of the chocolate, but luckily I had bought some strawberry frosting too so that way it would match the Barbie topper so that got used too.  I sprinkled them with the leftover edible pearls I had from our Beauty and the Beast dessert.  She was very happy with them.  
Sunday was the big day, we packed up, and headed off to the zoo.  We had a great time picnicing.  Found some great tables under a big tree for shade.  She opened up her presents and then we spent the rest of the afternoon walking around.  The zoo we went to was a small zoo, but still tiring.  
So I had one crazy, busy week!  This week shouldn't be so bad.  I do of course have things going on almost every day, but they are more low key.  This week's Disney movies are Snow White and Aladdin.  
All right off I go!  Have a great week!  :)


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