Monday, June 10, 2013

Yay for Summer Vacation!

I'm officially on summer vacation!!!  My last day with kids was Thursday and although Friday was my official day, I was busy doing stuff so it didn't really feel like summer vacation.  That also probably had to do with the fact that we are not having very summer like weather.  It was a busy hectic last week and I'm glad that I can finally catch my breath and do things at my own pace.
Last week I made an iMovie for my kids of our year together, their little goodie bags with card below, and an owl cake for my niece's 1st birthday.
I found this a long time ago on the web (Thanks to whomever originated it!) and made this card with old DJ Inkers graphics.  If you would like a copy, I turned it into a pdf and you can grab it by clicking on the picture above.  I get most of the stuff that's on the list at the Dollar Store.  The only thing I couldn't get there were the Hugs & Kisses candy.  So all of the above goes in the bag with this note and the iMovie for their end of the year gift.  I think it's a cute little end of year present and it only costs a little over a dollar a kid (I spent $17 at the Dollar Store and then $7 at Jewel).  I already had colored paper lunch bags to put it in.  

 Here is my niece Mandy's owl cake I made for her.  I got inspired by a design on pinterest (of course) since her birthday theme was owls.  I like to make cakes so I thought, no problem, I'll use my Pampered Chef batter bowl twice to make the body and my sphere baking pan for the head to stack it to make the owl.  Then I found a marshmallow fondant recipe (recipe can be found here) that I had also found on pinterest.  I had never made, nor worked, with fondant before so that was something new for me.  The fondant was fine, but the cake was a disaster!  My bottom layer completely broke and the head cracked.  So I was freaking out that I wasn't going to have a cake for my niece, but then my sister helped me "bandage" the head and I used the middle piece, which was still whole, to make the owl body instead. I cut hearts out of the fondant and made the above.  Even the ears and beak are hearts I just rolled and stuck on.  I am very proud of how it came out!  Even with all of the drama!
So those are my Monday Made-Its for this week and for my first link up this summer!!  Now I'll be better motivated to blog and get things done since this is back to a weekly thing and I have time to do stuff (instead of being tired and laying on my couch after school, lol).  
My To-Do List for this summer:
*Figure out how to do a Daily 5 Math/guided math groups for my class next school year.
*Learn more about Common Core and get it organized into binders for next school year.  
*Work on Disney shirts and other Disney things for our Disney trip in August.  
*Make Family Birthday Board for parents anniversary.  
*Work on new items for tpt/tn stores. 
I'm happy that I have the time now to actually be able to work on things!  I also can't wait to get inspired by what everyone else is doing!  :)



I'm a teacher who makes a lot of cakes, too. Very cute!

Brandee Green

LOVE the owl cake. You are very talented and your niece is a lucky little girl :) I'm your newest follower.

Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners


That cake is adorable. I've never worked with fondant before, but it always looks so cute. Great job!

Teaching With Class

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