Monday, June 24, 2013

Disney Made-Its!

I'm back for another week of Monday Made-it!  Yippee!!
So again I've just been in the Disney prep theme and we continued on with our movie countdown.  Tuesday it was Beauty and the Beast.  
Jodie, Brynn, and Jaslene came over to my house for lunch this time.  We are planning on trying the new Be Our Guest restaurant when we're at Disney for lunch so we took some menu items from there.  I made croque monsieurs for lunch, which are just grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with a béchamel sauce.  I also found a recipe for "The Grey Stuff."  You know, "try the grey stuff it's delicious, don't believe me ask the dishes..."  It's basically just vanilla pudding, oreos, cool whip, and a little chocolate pudding, but you pipe it fancy onto a plate and add edible pearls to make it look fancy.  
That's not my pic as you can tell, but mine DID look exactly like that!
We watched the movie, did a coloring sheet, and the girls and Jodie made a Lumiere craft.  Jodie took the pictures with her camera so I don't have any of them from the meals this week.  But you can check out the craft and directions, here.  It was just made using toilet paper tubes, an egg carton, paint, pipe cleaners, and hot glue.  Then we made tissue paper red roses as well.  So that was a fun afternoon.  
Then Thursday it was time for dinner at Jodie's house again with Brynn and Josie.  This time it was Lady and the Tramp night.  
Jodie made the meal and I made cannolis for dessert.  I got the recipe from where they have menus and recipes for a lot of Disney recipes. This one was from Tony's Town Square Restaurant, where we have reservations when we go.  It's themed for this movie.  Before dinner I took the girls outside while my sister hid these paw prints I made around the house.  
There were 12 that they had to find.  Brynn was better at this than Josie and found 9 of the 12.  We ate dinner, colored the coloring sheet, and made a spaghetti and meatballs craft.  
Again, not my pic, but this was the gist.  
Josie had gone home by then so it was just Brynn who made it.  I had beige yarn, brown pom poms, and red paint to be tomato sauce.  Again the real pictures are on Jodie's camera.  
This week we will be doing Sleeping Beauty and Little Mermaid.  
My final Made-It for the week is a purse/bag that I did for myself for Disney.  I had asked my mom to make one for me that I had seen on Pinterest, but she isn't going to have time so I decided to look for one and got inspired by one I saw on e-bay.  So I went out to Hobby Lobby and bought a red canvas bag (13.5 by 13.5), yellow buttons, some ribbon and trim, and sparkly fabric.  Here is my finished product.  
I'm super happy with it!  I cut the Mickey head using my Silhouette Cameo and I hand stitched it around the bottom and sides to make it a pocket.  I also used the leftover red fabric from the wreath I made my mom to make a pocket that I hand stitched inside.  I also hand sewed in ribbons to close the bag with.  My mom taught me to cross-stitch when I was little so I can do basic sewing, but I never learned how to use a sewing machine.  I did the inside pocket first, then the Mickey head, and inside ribbons.  After that I added the yellow buttons, and the black ruffly trim.  The last part was the yellow bow.  So I have a cute bag to carry around when I go.   I had bought an organizer for like $2 to go inside the bag my mom was going to make and it works perfectly in this bag too so it's not just a bottomless pit!  
I still have not been motivated to work on school stuff yet this summer so although I have ideas of things I want to do, I haven't started yet.  I'm meeting a friend of mine on Wednesday who is going back to teaching 2nd grade after a few years in 3rd so we can share files, and hopefully I'll be motivated after that.  Can't wait to see what everyone has this week!  :)  



Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

I Love My Classroom

Erin K

Can I come to Disney with you??? What fun and memorable activities for your families! Keep the great ideas coming, you are inspiring me girl!!
Short and Sassy Teacher


Even if I live only a 2 hour drive from Disney, I always love going! It is such a nice getaway! I hope you have fun on your visit! If you are going to the one in Orlando, I know they have new attractions this year!

Lil Bit Country In the Classroom

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