Monday, July 30, 2012

Lots of Made-its! :)

     Good morning!  Yay for another Monday Made-it with 4th Grade Frolics (although these Mondays take me hours to get through everyone who links up, lol).  Well this week I was a busy girl!  Yesterday was my parents 45th anniversary so I made a lot of stuff in honor of that this week, but I did get school stuff done too.
     Okay well first off, my younger sister and I had an Olympic opening ceremony party and we made some yummy snacky foods for it, but my surprise contribution to the party was this:
my Olympic rings sugar cookie with M&Ms.  I thought it turned out well.  
     Now onto my parents anniversary, I made this for my parents as part of their gift.  
Then I love to bake, so I made these for them too.  
My interpretation replica of their wedding cake.  My parents wedding cake was a 5 tier white cake with strawberry filling with lily of the valley flowers and white bells.  So to make my 5 tiers, I used my torte pan, a regular cake pan, a small cake pan, a cupcake, and a mini-cupcake.  I did put strawberry filling in it too and put fake lily of the valley from Michaels and little silver bells with bows on it too.  Then I added the blue 45 (45 is Sapphire).  This was all for a surprise dinner party my 4 siblings and I had for my parents at my house on Saturday night.  My parents not knowing about it (obviously) planned an outdoor lunch by the lake for Sunday and my dad asked me to make a dessert for that, so I made these:
they are the super soft sugar cookies you can buy in the store (that usually have sprinkles on them), but I made them.  They turned out fine and everyone enjoyed them today.  I thought they would be the easiest thing to transport and have outside.  It was such a beautiful day to be out too!  
     Now for school, I laminated all of the things that I have printed so far while I was watching the Olympics.  I also made my birthday chair covers, which was inspired by this picture:
The link didn't go to anywhere, but this picture.  Now I can't sew, so I looked at that and thought, I wonder if I could use a pillowcase and iron on transfers.  So that's what I did.  Here's mine:
I got the pillowcases at Marshalls.  They were on sale for $5.99 for 2.  I got 2 packs, so I'd have 4.  I had one year where I had 3 students who had the exact same birthday and 1 the day before, so I thought, I'll make 4 to be safe.  lol  You can get my iron-on transfer print out here for free, if you're interested.  After I ironed the transfer on, I folded the bottom of the pillowcase up, to make the pillowcase shorter and then ironed it again.  I may cut holes in the sides and add ribbon if I feel it needs to be tighter around the chairs.  So this will go on their chair when we celebrate their birthday.  I'm excited for it and I'm sure the kids will be too.  
      So there are all my made-its for this week!  Whew!  lol  Now this morning I'm off to school to copy my Welcome letter so my school can send them out to my future students and I want to get a peak on how my classroom looks and try to remember to pick up my craft sticks so I can make my brain break and sight word sticks.  Have a great Monday and can't wait to see all of the neat ideas for this week!  :)
If you're here from Classroom freebies, click the link above to get my birthday chair cover template for free.  :)
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Friday, July 27, 2012

Newbie Blog Hop and Freebie Friday

So while I was looking at the Monday Made-it's I found this blog that was having a linky for new bloggers.  That's me, so I thought I'd link up too.  :) There is a loooooong list of blogs participating that you can check out at the end of the post.  :)
So now onto the linky:

1.  what state you are in

2.  your current teaching position
3.  your teaching experience
4.  when you started blogging
5.  share a blogging tip / blogging resource

My info:
1.  IL
2.  2nd grade teacher :)
3.  Taught AM 1/2 day kdg. K-3 sped resource pull-out, 3 years in 1st grade, and will now be going on to my 6th year in 2nd grade.
4.  July 2012
5.  New to blogging, so I guess the only tip I have is that whenever I have a question about how to do something, I type it into google and find the answer that way.  lol

Freebie Fridays

Now onto Freebie Friday.  Today I'm posting a link to my tpt for my free product on there, My Word Book.  Click here, to go get it.  Happy Friday!!!  :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

An Award!

So I woke up this morning to find a comment that someone had given my little blog an award!

So sweet!  Thank you so much Sue at A Rainbow of Teaching!  That's exciting for me!  You can check out her blog here:

For this award, here are the rules:  
1. Follow the person who gave me the award.  done :)

2. Link back to the person that gave me the award.  done :)

3. Pass to 15 new bloggers and then let them know they have received the award. 

Here are the fantastic new blogs, I've found during blog stalking:

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Classroom Couture
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***Okay, that's only 10, but that's all the person who gave this award to me did, because it's hard to find enough people.  I think it should be 5, lol.  So I give permission to everyone above to just look for 5 blogs.  lol  :)***

Monday, July 23, 2012

My 3rd Monday Made-it and Manic Monday :)

       Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
     I have such fun making this stuff and getting ideas!!  So happy for the chance to share with anyone interested!  This week I got a lot of little projects done.  Ones that have been on my to-do list since the end of the school year (when I start making my list so I don't forget everything I want to do for the next school year!)  So here's a picture of some of what I got accomplished this week.  :)
     We'll go from left to right.  So I too, HAD to make the lightbulb moment basket.  I loved the idea and I really want to try this year to have more movement in my room, especially for those that need it, and love that this is a quiet, great way for them to get a bit.  It took me 2 Targets to get 10 of the lightbulbs.  lol  All the rest of you are out buying them too!  ;)  In case you haven't gotten the link from the other people who've made and posted it already, here it is again.  
     As I said, I want to incorporate more movement in my classroom throughout the day, so I had pinned this a while back (click on the picture to get the sticks).  
I knew that I wanted to do something like this.  So I bought one of those empty quart paint cans from lowes, put scrapbooking paper and ribbon around it, and typed up the label.  I haven't been able to make the sticks yet because they are in my classroom.  I have a ton there, so I didn't want to buy more just to make them, when I can make them when I can get into my classroom.  
     I was also inspired by this on pinterest
and I thought, I totally need this for all of the bingo chips, plastic coins, cards, and other math manipulatives that my students find after we've cleaned up and end up going on my desk.  I thought this way, they can put it in there and then the next time we pull out one of the manipulatives and they don't have enough, they can go look in there and see if the missing piece is there.  I got the basket for $1 at Michaels and then made the sign on my computer and tacky glued it on.  (I tacky glued on all of my signs.)  Here is a freebie of my Brain Break and Math Lost and Found sign if you would care for it.  
     Then I made the highlighter cup.  I had thought of making it and starting it after spring break, but I thought that would confuse my students to have to start doing it then when they hadn't been doing it all year, so I saved to do it for this upcoming year.  That way it will be from the start.  My inspiration:
This was one of the very first things I pinned when I joined pinterest.  If you click on the link above, it will take you to the website and you can download her label for free.  That's what I did.  I used a Planters mixed nuts container that I washed and let air dry and the label was a bit big, so I had to cut off the dotted border.  I put scrapbooking paper, ribbon, and the label and now it's waiting for highlighters to go in it.  
     The last thing I made was the paperclip bookmarks.  You can see a better picture of them below:
I got the paperclips in the Walmart 88 cent aisle (4 come in a package).  When I saw them, I thought, I can make those bookmarks I've seen floating around!  I got my ribbon at Michaels.  Each spool was only 50 cents and they are ready to go for my new students.  
     So I gave you one little freebie above, but I have another one for Classroom Freebies Manic Monday.  I also decided to do the behavior charts this year, where you recognize good behavior too.  I love my behavior chart now, which is a magnetic stoplight poster, because I love that it doesn't take up as much space (it's just on the side of my whiteboard).  I love the idea of being able to recognize the students more who are doing awesome though, so I decided to make this one from Sunny Days in 2nd Grade:
So I recreated it on my computer, but I haven't printed it out yet.  I'm going to print it out and laminate it and then stick it to my board where my my stoplight was, so it's still not taking up other space I need (I had thought of using my magnet paper, but that doesn't always hold up for very long).  Instead of clothespins, I'm going to make those glass pebble magnets with my students names on them to use to move around (that's my goal for today, find the right size glass pebbles).  So on to the freebie.  I made a form that my students will fill out during the week and then take home at the end of the week to go along with the behavior chart so parents can see how they've been doing and can get those positive notes home too for when they go above and beyond.  
Just click on the picture to get it.  I figure if the key at the bottom doesn't work for you, you could always cut it off and copy it without that (otherwise I cans send you the editable version, just leave me a comment asking for it).  I liked how it showcased their week, made them accountable, and gave them a goal to work towards.  So there is my LONG post for today.  Have a fabulous day!  Can't wait to see what everyone else has made to get even more great ideas!!  :)
      Don't forget to stop by Swimming in Second for Day 5 of her 10 Day Giveaway.  Today it's a $10 amazon gift card.  I know those never last long with me!  :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 3 of Swimming into Second's Giveaway!

So yesterday was a fun day.  I picked up some fun stuff at Lakeshore and Target.  Went out to eat and saw Magic Mike (it was a lot more dark and depressing than I thought it was going to be).
Today we're on to Day 3 of Courtney's giveaway at her blog.  Today the giveaway is for a $10 ScrappinDoodle's gift certificate.  I know I would love that because I have a ton of DJ Inkers clipart and I'm so bummed that you can't use it for tpt items when selling.  So it would be nice to get new clipart without spending any more money!  Make sure to go click to win for today's giveaway!  I know I already have! 
Today will be a lazy day and then meeting up with my parents and my sister and her family for dinner at Red Lobster.  Yum!  :)  Hope you have a super Saturday yourself!  :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Time for another Friday Freebie!

Freebie Fridays

So every year I get special ed students, reading students, and ELL students.  That's a lot of kids coming and going out of my room.  Now each group goes during a certain block of time, but still there are days when it can be hard to remember where someone is.  To help with that I made these Where AM I sticks (sorry I don't have a picture).  I made labels that say: at ELL, with Reading Team, with Social Worker, at OT/PT, at Resource, at Speech.  I then put the labels on the large colored popsicle sticks.  I did different colored sticks for each different place (for instance my OT/PT sticks are blue, Resource are green).  The sticks are kept in colored library pockets that I have stuck to my door with command strips.  When a child is leaving to go to one of their services, they take a stick and put it on their desk.  That way, if I'm having a moment and I don't know where a student is or one of the teachers needed to take a student at a different time, all I have to do is look at their desk and see where they are.  It also helps the paper passer to know not to give them whatever paper we are working on while they are gone (because I always say they were doing work with that teacher).  I guess I should make one that says office too, but usually when my students go to the office it's because they are going super quick to pick something up or they are sick and I really don't need them touching anything extra if they are.  lol  My students usually help me if that's the case and I forget.  I also kind of do this with the bathroom.  We don't need passes to be in the hallway, and my room is right next to the bathroom (a blessing and a curse, lol).  Instead, I put my passes on ribbon and attach them around a stuffed animal.  When the students need to leave the room to go to the bathroom or get a drink, they get the specified stuffed animal and put it on their desk.  This way I can easily see who's out of the room for that.  It's also helpful to the students.  They can easily see someone is using the pass and they have to wait.  Since my room is a rainforest, I have a gorilla and a jaguar stuffed animals (from kohl's care for kids one year, $5).  The girls have the gorilla and the boys have the jaguar.  I did 2 of each one year and that didn't work out too well because there was too much going to the bathroom with friends going on.
So the freebie I'm offering are my labels that tell where the students are, if you're interested.
Where Am I? Sticks
I got my bathroom passes here at a site that used to be called teachfactory.  She has a whole bunch of free themed resources you an download.
Enjoy!  Today I'm super excited because I'm going to be going to Lakeshore (I only go once a year because it's not close to me, I go to another store that's not as far) and use a gift card a student gave me as an end of the year gift and I was super excited to check online and find out it's for $40!  I'm hoping to get the pocket charts like Hilary from Rockin' Teacher Materials has, because I love her idea for the kids picking their Daily 5 choices.
Also today is Day 2 of Swimming through Second's giveaway.  Today she's giving away 3 back-to-school activities from herself, Amy Lemmons from Step into Second Grade, and The Teacher Wife. Go check it out!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Giveaway Palooza!

Today we have another super blogger having a giveaway!!!  Woohoo!  This time Courtney at Swimming through 2nd Grade is celebrating having 1000 followers by having 10 days of giveaways! Go check out her website to see how great it is, become a fan (if you're not already), and then enter her giveaway.  You could win some things from multiple tpt sellers and gift certificates!

Today is Day 1 of the giveaway.  You can enter to win a free item from her tpt store, Hope from 2nd Grade Shenanigan's tpt store and an item from The Bubbly Blonde Teachers tpt store.  I'm definitely going to try to win!  I'll be back tomorrow with a Friday Freebie!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another fantastic Giveaway!!

One of my favorite blogs is having a giveaway!!  Lori at Teaching with Love and Laughter is giving away a Learning Resources Easi-Speak USB recorder.  It's a microphone that students can record themselves reading into and then hear themselves afterwards.
It's easy to use with a green go button and red stop button and it can go 4 hours between charging.  It is also cordless, so students can use it anywhere.  I would love to win one, but I'm sure you would too!  If you're not already a fan of hers, you need to become one because she has a lot of other awesome ideas and things on her site to inspire you!  Go check out her site and become a fan!

Teaching With Love and Laughter

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Awesome giveaway!

While checking out all of the awesome stuff from Monday Made-it!  I saw these adorable burlap signs that Nicole from Rowdy in Room 300 made.  They are soooo cute.  You have to check them out if you haven't already.  Anyway, I know that I'm a new blog and don't have many followers, but for those of you who stop by (and a big thank you to those that do) I wanted to let you know about this awesome giveaway that she's having.  She's celebrating 500 followers and is giving away a custom-made burlap sign to the winner.  So head on over to her blog to check it out!  :)

Rowdy in Room 300

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday, Monday

I had a very nice Sunday.  Relaxed, did a bit of shopping, and then went over to a friend's house for a dinner party.  Loved it.  So today I'm going to link up with Classroom Freebies Manic Monday AND 4th Grade Frolics Monday Made-it!
I'll start with Monday Made-it!
So for my first Monday Made-it, I'm going to show you my pinterest inspired craft I made for my niece who was born last month.  I gave this to my sister at her baby shower.  It's one of those monogrammed button pictures.  Since the nursery is pink, white, and dark cherry wood furniture, I went with an assortment of pinkish buttons (which I picked up at Archivers), the pretty pink and white patterned scrapbook paper, and white shadow box frame (both from Michaels).

I have a Silhouette SD die-cutting machine, so what I did was I bought 2 of those scrapbooking papers and I used one to cut the A out first.  So I picked a font on my computer that I liked the way the A looked (I don't even remember what font it is, sorry!) and then my machine cut it out for me.  Then I glued the A on top of the paper to camoflage it and give me a template to glue the buttons on top of.  I LOVED the way it turned out and now it is hanging in her nursery when you first walk in.  
My 2nd Monday Made-it! is for my classroom.  I got this idea from Classroom DIY.  It's a duct tape baggie quilt.  When I saw it, I knew I wanted to make it as a boggle board for my classroom.  That way I wouldn't need a bulletin board, I could hang it where I have a free space.  
Now my classroom has a rainforest theme, and my district has gone for the brain research where you don't want too many colors or patterns or anything, so for the rainforest I have different greens with some brown thrown in.  Because of this, I went with the plain green duck tape.  There were also a lot of great boggle letters out in blog land, but they didn't fit my color pattern, so I made my own with the green circles and brown letters.  Then I just glued them on some muted green patterned scrapbook paper.  Again, very happy with the way it turned out and excited to use it this year.  Hopefully my students will be too!  I'm including my word doc of my boggle letters for free, in case someone would like to use it and customize it to the colors that fit your room.  The font I used is Pea KT Polkie Dot from .  
So those are my 2 Monday Made-its with a little freebie in there.  Now for my freebie for Manic Monday.  It's a small freebie too.  I am loving all of the behavior prize coupons that everyone has out now and can't wait to use that in my classroom this year instead of buying stuff!  I have downloaded and printed quite a few out, but I made some of my own for other things I wanted and hadn't seen prize coupons for.  So you can download my 18 prize coupons too (6 different kinds, 3 of each).  :)

Have a great Monday!  I think I'm going to go to Michaels and use their 25% off entire purchase coupon to pick up some ribbon to make those large paperclip/ribbon bookmarks for my class this year with the clips I got for 88 cents at Walmart (see post here).  :)
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just a few things...

So we finally got rain, which was fantastic.  It rained for over an hour and then rained again during the night.  It's pretty cloudy today too, so we might get more rain!  The grass and trees would surely love that!  Another thing that got me excited was that I got my first sale on tpt!  I made the packs for my team and me to use and I thought I'd post them on there to see if anyone would be interested and to use any extra money to put towards my classroom.  So I was pretty excited to see that someone else was interested in them!  So with that and the weather, I'm motivated to start my packs for unit 2!  Don't really have anything else to report on today, so I'm going to leave you with another pic of another of my units I made and I'm going to get started on unit 2.  Have a great day!!!  :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Freebie Friday :)

So here it is, Friday the 13th, wooooo.  lol  It just means it's time for another freebie!  My freebie that I have for you today is for Writing Binders.  I do Writing portfolios/binders every year.  I love how it shows the growth of the students throughout the year.  In it, my students have a few guides to serve as reminders of the writing process, a journal for their "sloppy copies" and then their finished pieces.  I TRY to keep the writing in chronological order, but we have a student author book basket in our book nook area where students can put any of their writing that they have published.  I leave it in there for a while and then after a little bit I go through and hole punch and put in binders.  That's why I'm not always sure if it's chronological or not, but it's close enough!  lol  Our reading program has a small writing component with it and I try to follow it a bit.  For the first 6 weeks, the focus is Personal Narratives, then it moves on to How-To Articles, Persuasive Letters, Research Reports (we do animal reports), and Compare/Contrast essays.  These are each in 6 week intervals.  The end of the school year is so crazy I never do the Unit 6 focus.  I don't even know what it is!  lol  So back to the freebie.  This freebie contains the decorative papers I use to split up my students' writing binders.  It has the cover page I put in the clear pocket in the front and then I have dividers that say Personal Narrative, How-To Article, Persuasive Letter, Animal Report, Poetry, Stories, and Extra Work (anything else fun I want to add in).  There is also the resource I keep in each groups Resource Binder, and then a check-off list for each of their writing binders.  I like how they add a nice break to all of the craziness of the kids' writings, and it makes it a little more organized, AND I can see who hasn't finished one of the the writing focuses we've been working on, so I can say, "______ are you still working on your how-to article?"  Use what you'd like, or not.  lol
And of course this upcoming year I'm going to be adding the "Currently" for each month into the binder too.  You can get that freebie if you haven't from here.  Hopefully my schedule for this year will allow for more time to focus on writing.  
Well today I'm off to Archiver's Scrapmania for my monthly scrap session with a previous co-worker of mine (we used to work at a daycare together and then we worked in the same school until I moved to a different building in the district).  We love the planned time to actually get pages done and it's a fun way to catch up.  Hope everyone else has a fun Friday and not a crazy one!  :)  

Freebie Fridays

Thursday, July 12, 2012


So today I went to Walmart to restock my fridge and freezer now that we have a new one.  On no school days I'll brave Walmart because it's not crowded during the day, but usually during the school year, when I'm only able to go after work or on the weekends like everyone else, I stay far away because it's always a madhouse.  Then I'm a Target and Jewel girl.  Well Walmart had some good back-to-school deals going on AND they had an amazing 88 cent aisle.  I picked up a TON of stuff.  I got some stickers and reward incentive charts (I used these near the end of last year during Daily 5.  Near the end of the year the students were losing stamina, so I gave them each an incentive chart and if they did Daily 5 correctly they earned a sticker, when they filled their chart, they earned a coin for the the prize box.), bookmarks, birthday certificates and stickers, and 4 packs of the jumbo paper clips to turn into bookmarks.  I was very excited.  Spent too much money, but oh well!  Had to stock the fridge and freezer and couldn't pass up the deals!
Today I'm leaving you with a picture of my 2nd grade Treasures Unit 1, Week 1.  The way I did the Treasures packs is that it has extra activities to do during the week with the main story and then there are also activities to go along with the small group resources for guided reading. I have them posted on both TPT and Teachers Notebook, so you can choose which store you prefer if interested.
Come back tomorrow to get a freebie I will be posting.  :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Shops Up

It's been a little crazy here for me.  My fridge died so my roommate and I had to get rid of all of the food and get a new one but it's not being delivered until tomorrow, so there has been a lot of eating out.  Then my co-teacher got back to me on all of the stuff I've been making and it's all set to go up for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook.  So I figured out how to do that and uploaded all 8 items to both shops, which took a while as I learned the ropes.  Now I've spent a ton of time trying to figure out how to add buttons of my shops to this blog for easy access.   I'm not sure if I succeeded or not.  I also haven't figured out how to comment directly to the person who comments.  I don't have a reply button to click under the name and all of the settings it tells me to check on are correct, so I guess I'll just keep trying to figure it out.  Luckily Google is my friend.  I use it all of the time, so I'm sure eventually I'll find the correct answer!  Also, I was excited to see that I have 4 followers.  Wow!  Thanks for trying me out!
Today I took a little break out of my day and treated my niece and me to the movie Brave.  It doesn't matter that she's almost 16 and I'm 32, we had a great time!  I think she needed to see this movie as she doesn't always treat her mom (my sis) the best.  lol  So that was a fun thing to do during summer break. I'm also working on more school stuff, but I ran out of ink so I'm waiting for my order from amazon to come in, which will bring me ink and laminating pouches.  Then I can get back to work.  I'm also trying my hand at making other things that I get inspired from, which had me create a freebie I will be posting at a later date, probably for Freebie Friday.  So be on the look out for that.
I'm going to leave you with a pic of my first unit I created.  It goes with the Macmillian/McGraw-Hill Treasures reading series for 2nd grade Start Smart Unit.  I always feel like when I'm teaching that unit, it needs a little more, so I added in some extra things I do and more.  Most of the activities (since it's a review) could be used at younger grade levels as it's almost all making words and words sorts for the short vowel sounds.  If it's anything you'd be interested in, trying clicking one of the buttons on the side to go to whichever shop you prefer to download it.  :)  Also I THINK if you do the download preview on tpt the short a making words is in the preview that you can download for free to use.  So bonus!  :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Made it!

Hello!  Okay, now along with the freebie I posted yesterday for the Classroom Freebies Manic Monday link up, I thought I would join in on the fun Monday Made it with 4th Grade Frolics as I love to make things.
So the first made it is fruit kabobs that I made for 4th of July, which I got from pinterest.  There was no link to it except to the picture (below, I didn't take a picture of mine).
This was a lot of fun to make and really easy.  The fruit was on sale and I already had the wooden skewers at home.  So I started with the blueberries, put 6 on and then went back and forth with the strawberries and bananas.  I cut the strawberries in half lengthwise and tried to cut my banana pieces the same size.  Then I went on to the skewers with no blueberries.  I used my extra blueberries to fill in the gaps on the platter in between the skewers of blueberries.  It was so much nicer to grab a skewer of fruit instead of trying to scoop it out of a bowl, as fruit can sometimes not want to cooperate when trying to do that!  Everyone thought it was fun and it held up on the 107+ degree day!
Now the next made it is the fun Teacher's Toolbox that has been floating around all of the blogs as well.  I first saw the idea at Fun in 4B.  She was wonderful because if you click on the link to her blog she has an editable template that you can use!  She was inspired by a different site Create*Think*Share and that site also has a template that you can download and use, but it's a pdf (still super nice though).  I wanted to change some things so I used the word doc template.  Here's mine below.
I left my toolbox in the blue color it came in as all of the built-ins in my room are blue anyway so I thought it would go.  I wanted to be able to print right on the scrapbooking paper and I had a hard time finding an 8 1/2 x 11 scrapbooking paper I liked.  I liked this one, even though the dark purple line really cuts through it.  I added pictures to mine so in case I needed a student to get something, they would be able to see which drawer it was in.  So you can see most of them are self-explanatory.  Taken is for when I have to take lego men or bak-u-gans or bouncy balls or anything else from students during class, as a place for it to hang-out so my desk doesn't eat it before the end of the day.  The small ones say: large paper clips, small paper clips, push pins, glue sticks (because these are for my personal use glue sticks I use for my art examples.  I usually only keep 2 on my desk), rubber bands, change (coins), clips, white out, erasers, command strips (I love to use those to hang things in my classroom at the beginning of the year for things I'm not going to move during the year, as even though we have air conditioning in my building it can still get humid and things fall off the wall), brads (brass fasteners), misplaced items (small manipulatives my kids find around the room, a place for it until I can put it away, so my desk doesn't eat it), staples, and rings.  If you want a copy of my pdf with the pics, just leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I'll send it to you.  It was easy to make thanks to Fun in 4B's template.  I just changed up the words to fit my needs, added the pictures, printed it right on the scrapping paper, cut out the boxes, put glue that would dry clear around the edges and stuck them in the drawers.  Now hopefully my desk can be a little more organized throughout the year (a girl can hope right?).  My next made it mission (besides all the academic stuff I'm currently making, printing, laminating) is to do my boggle board for my room this year.  :)