Saturday, December 22, 2012

Elf Update

So things have been crazy with trying to get ready for Christmas with my family and with school and everything else that has been thrown in on top of that, so I haven't been on to post my other Elfie pics.  I realized today that I didn't take pictures of him the last 2 days, so sorry about that.  Here is the update. :)

Hanging out by my phone in case he needs to make parent phone calls.  lol  

A birds-eye view of the class from the projector.  

A note from Elfie after a really bad day.

Came back even though the class was better, but still not great.  

The kids had spelled out COMPLIMENTS! so they earned a class reward.  The reward they picked was a gingerbread party.  So I had made gingerbread men on a Sunday, but the class was so talkative and chatty that I wasn't about to let them get a reward, so here was Elfie with one of the cookies trying to tempt the class into being super good so we could have the celebration.  No luck.  lol  

Here is Elfie sitting above the behavior chart watching the class.  They were finally much better this day and we were able to have our gingerbread celebration.  

This was from Monday, I had forgotten the note at home, so I had to re-do one at school and there is not color printing at school.  I just colored the border with marker.  Hanging out by the character traits.  

Hanging out on the TV with friends as an extra set of eyes.  

Wednesday, hanging out above the door by the clock.  

Thursday Elfie was hanging out by my window that sees into the hallway and the note mentioned that he was there so he could watch the class inside the room and in the hallway.  Friday Elfie was on my back whiteboard with a good-bye note.  
So there is my Elf Update.  He is now gone back to the North Pole for the year.  How did things go in your room?  


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