Thursday, December 6, 2012

Elf mishap

So today Elfie is sitting on my cabinets, next to the Christmas lights waiting for the students to come.
He has earmuffs on his lap, ready in case he needs them, we're all good, the bell rings and students start to come in, and he falls over.  I was like, really????  So there he is laying on the cabinet instead of sitting nicely as students are looking for him.  I wanted to say can you 3 please wait in the hallway for a minute, shut the door, and fix him, but I couldn't.  So they see him and say Elfie fell down!  They thought it was funny though.  I said he as taking a nap, because he was really tired.  lol  So as more kids streamed in, all of the kids would repeat all of that.  It was funny cause during math one of the students in my math group from another class said, when I told him he was napping, "is he tired of us?"  lol  He was joking and it was pretty funny.  So when the class was in PE, I fixed him back up.  Of course the second they walked in the room, they noticed and made a big deal out of it.  They asked if I fixed him and I said, "oh no.  I'm not allowed to touch him, he'll lose his magic!"  One of my boys said, "adults are allowed to touch him."  lol  Well anyway, my kiddos weren't too bad today, they weren't as loud as Mon. & Tues., but they weren't as good as yesterday when there was the threat of him leaving, so no treats for tomorrow.  I'll keep them on hand for when they finally get them (they're just hershey kisses).  Have you had any Elf mishaps?


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