Monday, October 1, 2012

October Monday Made-it!

     It may be late in the day, but it's still Monday and I'm doing my best to post while feeling so tired!!!  I was so excited to be able to link up again, but things have been non-stop busy that I'm just wiped out!
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     So I only have a few things to share because I keep forgetting to take a picture of one of my made-its!!! The one sans-picture is my burlap sign that I made in the shape of a banana to go with my "We're Bananas for 2nd Grade" theme I have going on with monkeys and the rainforest.  I was happy with how it turned out, but I keep forgetting to take a pic!  I'll try and remember to do it sometime this week, but it's going to be hard with conferences and meetings going on!  
     So the first thing I'm going to show a picture of are my "plumes" I made for my kids to use during writer's workshop.  I talked about them in one of my previous posts.  It's amazing that giving them a pen like that to use makes them so excited to write!  lol  All I did was get some ballpoint pens from the dollar store so we wouldn't have to worry about lids.  Then I jazzed them up with feathers from Michaels and some old floral tape I had, which I used to attach the feathers.  They turned out cute and the kids went crazy for them!  Here they are in action.  
I had a great pic of just the pens, but I took the picture with the camera on my old phone and I haven't had time to upload it onto the computer.  
     My next made-it is a dessert I made for my sister's birthday.  She loves brownies so I made just a box of brownies, added peanut butter and chocolate chips and baked it.  For the frosting I used a cup of peanut butter and a container of frosting to frost the top with (yummy, got the idea from pinterest of course) and then to make her name I added raspberry preserves to the frosting and piped her name (that was REALLY delicious.  I could frost a whole cake with that goodness).  It was just a simple fun thing to help celebrate her birthday and delicious.  
     My last made-it is my fall wreath that I'm super proud of!  I had seen all of these cute tulle wreaths on pinterest that I would pin and I thought ooh, it'd be fun to make some for the seasons.  So I went to Hobby Lobby and got spools of tulle (Score! because they were 50% off), ribbon (also 50% off), and the 14 in. wreath (40% off with my coupon).  Then on Friday during my monthly scrapbooking night out at Archivers, I made the wreath instead.  I didn't know when else I'd have time and I knew I was decorating the house this past weekend.  I used 24 in. pieces of tulle (18 in. was too short), folded it in half, went around the wreath and slipped the ends through the loop the fold made to pull it tight.  I already had the glittered foam leaf stickers, but they were from Archivers.  Then I used my silhouette sd to cut out my words, laminated them, and hot glued them on.  Very happy with the results.  Wasn't sure as I was making it.  Took way longer than I thought it would too, 4 hrs!  I was going to hang it on the inside of my door at home, but other people said I should bring it to school and hang it up so more people can enjoy it, so that's probably what I'll do.  
     Don't know when I'll be back on to check out what everyone else made as I have 20 more conferences to get ready for (2 done).  I'll be happy for my 4-day weekend coming up when I can hopefully catch up on a ton of things!  :)



The pens and wreath are so cute! And the dessert looks a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

Young Daze in 5th Grade

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