Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Day

So had yesterday off for the lovely 3-day holiday weekend.  Knew that I had a team leader meeting first thing this morning so I got to school early to finish getting everything ready for the day before hand.  Made myself some tea, as I have caught a cold.  Pretty much every other team leader also had the sniffles.  We were quite a bunch let me tell you.  lol  Meeting went until the bell rang for students.  Came in my room to find my students all staring at the open wall, as they have not yet seen the wall open yet.  My teammate had kept the wall open to watch out for my kids until I was back from my meeting.  Great morning with my kiddos, keeping my cold in check (can breathe, having no issues).  It's a recess day (we only get recess 2x a week and 1 of those times we have duty), but not my duty so I get 15 min. of getting some stuff done quietly.  Come in finish something, take the kids to lunch.  Sit down at my computer (I don't eat in the teacher's lounge.  I love the quiet of my classroom and it gives me time to catch up on thing on my computer) and bite into my sandwich.  Big shot of pain in my lower right jaw!  I try to just chew on the left side of my mouth and still not good.  I start rubbing my jaw with my hand and try to take another bite.  Not happening.  Then I feel my face swell up.  I say to myself, "no, no, no, this can not be happening."  I run to the bathroom, yep, from the bottom of my ear to almost my chin is slightly swollen.  Not hugely, badly swollen like Will Smith in Hitch, but still swollen none the less.  I'm freaking out a little bit.  It no longer hurts, but I really don't care for the small protrusion coming out of my face.  I decide to take an ibueprofin as that's what they had me take to help reduce the swelling when my wisdom teeth were pulled.  I also put my cold hands on my face, to act as an ice pack, lol.  My kids come back from lunch and I continue holding my face.  Amazingly enough no one asks me why!  lol  I do my after lunch read aloud and we do math.  Then I take them to music.  I go look in the bathroom to see if the swelling has hopefully reduced some in the hour and half since I've taken meds.  Nope.  I look online to see what maybe it could be, and self-diagnose myself with an abscess.  lol  So I call my dentist, voicemail.  I e-mail them instead.  Get an e-mail back from the assistant, "she's out of the office on vacation, we're prescribing you meds."  We go back and forth with a few more e-mails and then also set up a time for her to look at it when she comes back Thursday.
Now besides all of that, last week my ABS light came on in my car and I have been slightly freaking out over that, because I obviously want all of my brakes to work, so I had decided to go to the dealer after work to have them look at it.  I still go because I'm getting antibiotics, so it's fine.  lol  I leave right after school (which I NEVER do) to beat traffic and people to the dealer.  I get there, tell them my problem and they say I will probably have to leave my car with them because they won't have enough time to fix it tonight.  They hook my car up to the diagnostics computer to find out the exact reason the light is coming on while I wait in the waiting room, with my hand on my face.  lol  They then tell me that one of the teeth on my gears broke off and it needs to be replaced along with an axel.  $350.00.  They can't fix it tonight because of there not being enough time.  I call my friend Tina to pick me up.  No answer.  I call my sister and she lovingly lets me borrow her husband (she shares with me for things like this and fix it type things, lol).  So I get all of my teacher stuff out of the car and wait for him to come in traffic, also letting her know that he will also have to take me to Walgreens to pick up my prescription.  My friend Tina calls me back, she just so happened to be at the dentist herself when I called.  I told her it was okay because my fab bro-in-law was coming.  We chit chat until he does.  He then super nicely picks up my teacher crate and puts it in his truck for me, drives me to Walgreens, and then home.  My lovely team mate had already agreed to pick me up the next morning if need be, so I had texted her while at the dealership to let her know that she'd need to.  Luckily she lives like 5 minutes from me, maybe less.  Once home, I decided to eat some chicken rice soup, (figured it'd be good for the cold and mouth), took my amoxicillian, and watched some tv on the couch.  Then showered put on my pj's and have been in bed since quarter to 8.  You can do this when you have no kids or significant other.  lol  I'm hoping that my face will be fine in the morning since it wasn't that bad and I already started the meds.  I also hope that my cold will be better and not worse as well.  I'm a half-full kind of gal anyway, so I look at it this way.  I have a cold, but it's not as bad as some peoples.  I can breathe out of half my nose and my throat and chest are clear.  Sure my mouth decided to act up on me for some unknown reason, but I'm getting it taken care and am already on the right track.  Yes, it's no fun having no car and paying $350 for repairs, but I'm lucky to have a great team mate close by and I'll feel good knowing it's taken care of and fixed.  So that was my day today.  How was yours?  lol  :)


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