Friday, August 17, 2012

Last Friday of break :(

So this week I've been pretty busy.  I've gone into my classroom to work and spent the day with family on Wednesday.  Monday my sister and niece helped me set up my room, Tuesday I went in by myself. This was the day that a lot of people came in so I ended up chatting more than working in my room.  lol  Then yesterday I went in because I was meeting with my 2 special ed. students I will be having in my room, so they could meet me and learn about the classroom before the year begins.  I also got a surprise when I came in, there were all of these boxes piled up at the front of my room.  I was confused because we had already gotten our math journals and handwriting books, so I didn't know what it could be.  I'm team leader, so I get the boxes.  My team mate who I team teach with during Daily 5/guided reading time, came over too.  Then it hit me what it must be.   At the end of last year we were asked to go through catalogs and make a wishlist of stuff we would like that would help us with teaching common core.  My team did this and picked a whole bunch of stuff, really going all out because we thought, there is no way we're getting this stuff, we have no money.  Well that was the only think I could think of what could be in those boxes, especially since it was from EAI.  So I started opening, and it was like Christmas!  It was a lot of the stuff from our wishlist!  We each (4 of us) got a huge tub filled with 3000 unifix cubes (so excited because those are expensive and I was borrowing some from other teachers as they really help the kids understand double-digit addition/subtraction), some I Have, Who Has games for time, money, and math facts, a big container of all different kinds of dice, money cubes, graphing chart book, a graphing resource book, a writing prompts resource book, and a 6 Traits writing mini-lessons cube.  We were very excited!  Then we talked to one of our old team members who helped with ordering stuff.  She moved to first grade for this year and she said that they hadn't done the wishlist!  We were so happy that we did!  So today I think I'm going to go in to send some things to the copy center we have in our building.  I'm torn though because it would also be nice to spend my last official day of summer break, not going in to school.  We'll see.  I'll probably go in just for a bit and then have the rest of my day.
I haven't linked up with Freebie Friday in a bit, so I think I'll do it today.  My freebie is paper bracelets that say Officially in 2nd Grade.  I usually get the stickers from Really Good Stuff, but I was trying to save some money this year.  I got the idea from Kindergarten Works teacher's notebook store freebie.  In her directions, she gives you a recipe for lickable glue that you can put on the end of the bracelet so you don't have to tape the bracelets together.  The students can lick and stick them on.

Lickable Glue Recipe
1 small pack of gelatin
10 oz. of white vinegar
an air-tight container
Supplies Needed:
1. Boil the vinegar.
2. Stir in the package of gelatin.
3. Stir until the gelatin is dissolved.
4. Cool down and pour into the container you’ll use for storing left over.
5. Use a brush to apply to the right hand column of bracelets. Paper will
crinkle slightly due to moisture.
6. Put aside papers to dry. Store the rest in an air-tight container.
So a huge thank you to Kindergarten Works for sharing that!  
Enjoy your Friday everyone!  :)

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Suzy Q

These are cute and even the boys will like them! (I think I will just staple/tape them, though the lickable glue is interesting!)

Teaching Fabulous Firsties!

Hi Cathy,
Thanks for this great freebie! I appreciate all of your hard work. I’m having my big 100 follower giveaway! I’d love it if you wanted to come on over for a visit sometime. Thanks!
Your Follower,
Corinna :)
Teaching Fabulous Firsties!

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