Friday, July 20, 2012

Time for another Friday Freebie!

Freebie Fridays

So every year I get special ed students, reading students, and ELL students.  That's a lot of kids coming and going out of my room.  Now each group goes during a certain block of time, but still there are days when it can be hard to remember where someone is.  To help with that I made these Where AM I sticks (sorry I don't have a picture).  I made labels that say: at ELL, with Reading Team, with Social Worker, at OT/PT, at Resource, at Speech.  I then put the labels on the large colored popsicle sticks.  I did different colored sticks for each different place (for instance my OT/PT sticks are blue, Resource are green).  The sticks are kept in colored library pockets that I have stuck to my door with command strips.  When a child is leaving to go to one of their services, they take a stick and put it on their desk.  That way, if I'm having a moment and I don't know where a student is or one of the teachers needed to take a student at a different time, all I have to do is look at their desk and see where they are.  It also helps the paper passer to know not to give them whatever paper we are working on while they are gone (because I always say they were doing work with that teacher).  I guess I should make one that says office too, but usually when my students go to the office it's because they are going super quick to pick something up or they are sick and I really don't need them touching anything extra if they are.  lol  My students usually help me if that's the case and I forget.  I also kind of do this with the bathroom.  We don't need passes to be in the hallway, and my room is right next to the bathroom (a blessing and a curse, lol).  Instead, I put my passes on ribbon and attach them around a stuffed animal.  When the students need to leave the room to go to the bathroom or get a drink, they get the specified stuffed animal and put it on their desk.  This way I can easily see who's out of the room for that.  It's also helpful to the students.  They can easily see someone is using the pass and they have to wait.  Since my room is a rainforest, I have a gorilla and a jaguar stuffed animals (from kohl's care for kids one year, $5).  The girls have the gorilla and the boys have the jaguar.  I did 2 of each one year and that didn't work out too well because there was too much going to the bathroom with friends going on.
So the freebie I'm offering are my labels that tell where the students are, if you're interested.
Where Am I? Sticks
I got my bathroom passes here at a site that used to be called teachfactory.  She has a whole bunch of free themed resources you an download.
Enjoy!  Today I'm super excited because I'm going to be going to Lakeshore (I only go once a year because it's not close to me, I go to another store that's not as far) and use a gift card a student gave me as an end of the year gift and I was super excited to check online and find out it's for $40!  I'm hoping to get the pocket charts like Hilary from Rockin' Teacher Materials has, because I love her idea for the kids picking their Daily 5 choices.
Also today is Day 2 of Swimming through Second's giveaway.  Today she's giving away 3 back-to-school activities from herself, Amy Lemmons from Step into Second Grade, and The Teacher Wife. Go check it out!


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