Thursday, July 12, 2012


So today I went to Walmart to restock my fridge and freezer now that we have a new one.  On no school days I'll brave Walmart because it's not crowded during the day, but usually during the school year, when I'm only able to go after work or on the weekends like everyone else, I stay far away because it's always a madhouse.  Then I'm a Target and Jewel girl.  Well Walmart had some good back-to-school deals going on AND they had an amazing 88 cent aisle.  I picked up a TON of stuff.  I got some stickers and reward incentive charts (I used these near the end of last year during Daily 5.  Near the end of the year the students were losing stamina, so I gave them each an incentive chart and if they did Daily 5 correctly they earned a sticker, when they filled their chart, they earned a coin for the the prize box.), bookmarks, birthday certificates and stickers, and 4 packs of the jumbo paper clips to turn into bookmarks.  I was very excited.  Spent too much money, but oh well!  Had to stock the fridge and freezer and couldn't pass up the deals!
Today I'm leaving you with a picture of my 2nd grade Treasures Unit 1, Week 1.  The way I did the Treasures packs is that it has extra activities to do during the week with the main story and then there are also activities to go along with the small group resources for guided reading. I have them posted on both TPT and Teachers Notebook, so you can choose which store you prefer if interested.
Come back tomorrow to get a freebie I will be posting.  :)


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